Financial Log 2022

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Financial Log 2022

Not Another Child (NAC) maintains meticulous financial entries, recording incoming donations and matching contributions and citing outgoing expenses required to support children worldwide. 100% of all incoming tax-deductible donations go to empowering a child somewhere.

All out-of-pocket costs recorded below are always voluntarily underwritten by individuals on the Board of Directors.

Working Summary

nac budget 2020 revised
nac budget 2021 revised (2)

Working Summary January-December 

Incoming Contributions $4,862.37
Outgoing Support Provided to Children $ 8,762.13
Running Balance $23,606.60
Balance Carried Over to 2023 $

Running Overhead Expenses January-December

Western Union/PayPal/Bank Fees
Office Supplies/Postage/Printing $
Website Support $211.60
Facebook Boosting $24.00
Post Office Boxes $432.00
IRS & State Filings $63.50
Other $
Running Balance $803.81